Updated 29 October 2021

Please read these T&Cs carefully along with our safety rules and regulations – available here https://farmfestival.co.uk/safety/. When purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to observe the T&Cs and safety rules and regulations.

  1. Farmfest 2022 takes place between 28-31 July 2022. Ticketsellers are our primary ticket agents and deal with the sale of tickets on our behalf. If you buy a ticket from anyone other than Ticketsellers then the ticket will not be valid and it will not permit you entry into Farmfest.  A non-refundable booking fee will be added to each transaction.* Tickets purchased from Easol or Eventbrite prior to 29 Oct 2021 have been transferred to Ticketsellers and all ticket holders have been sent confirmation of this. If you have any queries regarding your tickets, please contact [email protected] 
  2. You are buying tickets for Farmfest 2022 and not a particular artist or attraction. All details of the event are subject to change, even at the last minute. We aim to ensure that the information on farmfestival.co.uk website is correct as of the date it is posted, but we do not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the material and on occasion the information may be out of date. We hope that all the artists and attractions that we publicise will perform but we cannot guarantee this so tickets will not be refunded in such circumstances. 
  3. Children are welcome at Farmfest 2022. However, you must ensure that you purchase tickets for all children who will be attending. A limited number of Teen tickets are available at a reduced price for those who will be under 18 on 29 July 2022. Child tickets are available at a very low price for children aged 4-12, and are free of charge for those who are aged 3 or under on 29 July 2022. Please bring age ID for any children in your group, to confirm their entitlement to the reduced price ticket they have bought – if you cannot provide proof of age, then you will need to pay the difference between their ticket price and the adult ticket price.
  4. Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied at all times by a ticket holding adult (21+) who must accept responsibility for their safety for the duration of Farmfest 2022. One ticket holding adult can take responsibility for up to four children. Ages will be checked on entry and those under the age of 17 will not be permitted to enter the festival without a responsible adult. This also applies to re-entry. Age restrictions must be complied to for childrens’ safety and security so please ensure you are purchasing the correct tickets for your group as we will not offer refunds. Please note that some acts at Farmfest 2022 will be unsuitable for children: the late night comedy acts may contain swearing, and other stages may feature material not suitable for children that we are unable to predict and classify due to the nature of live performance.
  5. Your ticket(s) allow you to gain entry on foot to the main arena and to camp in our camping fields. Your ticket will also permit you to park in our car park. If you plan to bring a live-in vehicle to Farmfest 2022 then you will need to also buy a campervan/caravan pass – see our website for details. Live-in vehicle passes must be purchased in advance and will not be available on arrival. We strongly suggest you buy in advance. Attached awnings are allowed, but separate tents are not permitted in the campervan/caravan field for health and safety reasons.
  6. All tickets bought for Farmfest 2022 must be bought from our website via the Ticketsellers platform, or direct from Ticketsellers. Your personalised e-tickets will be sent by email to the email address you provide when you buy your tickets. Ticket holders must inform Farmfest by email on [email protected] of any change of address, contact phone number or email address. Transfer/resale options will be coming soon – please contact [email protected] for more information. Make sure you retain your confirmation email as proof of purchase.
  7. Unless we have to cancel Farmfest 2022 we will not refund any tickets so please make sure you can come before you buy. If we do have to cancel Farmfest 2022 then the face value of your ticket will be refunded. Booking fees and any additional credit/debit card charges are not refundable under any circumstances. In the event of cancellation, Farmfest will not be held responsible for any resulting costs you may incur for travel, accommodation, any other related goods or service or other compensation.
  8. We reserve the right to change the date of Farmfest 2022 in the event of circumstances beyond our control. If we have to do this then we will communicate with ticket holders as soon as possible. If Farmfest is rescheduled or moved, we will automatically roll over your tickets to the new date/location, or alternatively you can apply for a refund. Refunds under these circumstances must be applied for within 1 month of the date of cancellation/postponement. Any refund requests must be made via [email protected]
  9. In buying a ticket you confirm that you have read and understood our terms & conditions as well as our safety rules and regulations and that you agree to observe them throughout your time at Farmfest 2022. If you breach any of our rules and regulations then we may eject you without providing a refund. Our rules and regulations are available on our website at https://farmfestival.co.uk/safety/ and are subject to change.
  10. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder with no refund. If we refuse admission and you have not breached these terms and conditions or any of our rules and regulations then we will provide you with a refund.
  11. Farmfest 2022, including all activities, are likely to be filmed and/or photographed for promotion after the event. By purchasing a ticket and taking part in Farmfest you are giving permission for your image to be used in any future promotion. These images and recordings remain the property of Farmfest and there will be no money paid to you if your image is used.
  12. You must not use your ticket as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion, whether commercial or non commercial, without our prior written consent.
  13. Attendance at Farmfest 2022 is at your own risk. If you are looking after children under the age of 17 then you assume responsibility for their safety and well-being. Farmfest can take no responsibility for the loss (including theft) or damage of any personal property or equipment which you bring to the Event.
  14. Only those aged 18 or over will be able to buy or consume alcohol at Farmfest. We operate a Challenge 25 policy at the bars. If, in the judgement of the bar Operator, acting on behalf of Farmfest, you look younger than either 25 and yet you are 18 years or over you must show a valid ID in order to purchase or consume alcohol. Without this ID you will not be served and if you persist in consuming alcohol you may be evicted from Farmfest.
  15. We allow each adult ticket holder to bring a reasonable amount of alcohol for their own consumption into the campsite on first entry. Your alcohol must be kept in the camping areas and cannot be brought into the main arena. More detail is available at https://farmfestival.co.uk/faqs/
  16. You should not attend Farmfest 2022 if you have tested positive for COVID-19, are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of the event or you live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive. You should not attend the event if you have been told to self-isolate or if your attendance would breach any COVID-19 regulations. If we believe you have not followed guidance or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 you may be refused entry.
  17. If you cannot attend the event due to COVID-19 (i.e you are self isolating) you must apply for a refund within one month of the event for the face value of the ticket only. Supporting evidence such as confirmation of messages from Track and Trace may be required.
  18. Any new site rules introduced as a response to COVID-19 will be compulsory for all attendees. These may change before or during the event and will be communicated via newsletter, on site messaging or social media. You must ascertain what is required by you to meet any safety measures and comply with all said measures. Failure to do so may lead to eviction from the festival site without refund.
  19. All attendees may need to provide either proof of double jab or proof of a negative lateral flow test taken within 24 hours of the event in order to gain admission. Attendees should show the text / email from NHS confirming negative status to wristband exchange on arrival. We will communicate whether or not this is needed closer to the event, dependent on the level of risk.
  20. You are attending Farmfest and using any facilities on-site at your own risk. We will take reasonable steps to comply with any relevant guidelines intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and we will make you aware of these measures. However, we cannot be responsible for the behaviour or health of other attendees and cannot effectively ensure that no attendees at the Event will have COVID-19. We are not responsible if you catch COVID-19 as a result of attending Farmfest 2022. If you contract COVID within 14 days of this event you must inform us.

*note that where there is a conflict between any of the provisions in the above paragraphs and any updated government guidelines, the updated government guidelines will apply.



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