Vivacious, unpretentious, urgent, and most importantly, fun.“ – BRISTOL 24/7


Feminist post-punk from Bristol and spunky as hell, Slagheap generate a sound forged in the crucible of hospitality jobs and in some cases the womb. These four women are bound by laughter, humous, and a shared need to process whatever the hell is going on in the world right now.

The live show is an upbeat, joyous and altogether raucous affair, with songs about pleasuring one’s self with a power shower, iPhone addiction and tripping on acid at sex parties. Topics of gender and sexual politics are explored with a witty sense of humour and delivered in an excitingly spontaneous format.

Shunning virtuosity in favour of vociferousness, they dance around in their pants singing songs of joy and confusion at each other. Fans of Slits, Raincoats, Kleenex and X Ray Spex, you may have just found your new favourite band.


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