Brimming with sunshine melodies and a gritty, sugar/salt vocal undercurrent, this EP is infectious and massively moreish

The Skinny

We love a good DIY band here at Farmfest, so we naturally gravitated towards Peaness who themselves have strong roots in the DIY scene; self-releasing their first EP ‘No Fun’, and releasing their critically acclaimed EP ‘Are You Sure?’ with UK independent label royalty Alcopop! 

They often make their own music videos, have close creative friends doing press shots and artwork, and even have their mum’s making handmade squeaky peas for merchandise. 

Formed late in 2014, in Chester university digs, the three-piece band write catchy, fuzzy, harmony driven indie-pop songs about love, friendship, frustrations, Brexit and food waste.

They’ve been playing together since summer 2015, and their fun, friendships

fuelled live performances have been winning the hearts and minds of people up and down the country, including ours!


Oh hi!