28th & 29th JULY 2017, BRUTON, SOMERSET, UK


It’s easy to hear Max’s music as a collection of influences. Whether Berlin, his hometown, or the array of instruments he’s mastered through a love of playing, or the house, funk, disco, jazz and hip-hop: as a producer, DJ and bandleader, he clearly embodies it all. Yet no matter how much you understand these influences, Max’s music still catches you off guard. What he uses as source is freely available but the maturity and inventiveness that strings it all together couldn’t come from anyone else.
First album, Rivers of the Red Planet, was released to immediate critical acclaim through Tartelet in 2014 and it built on the infectious and out-of-time feel of his early singles. After spinning his distinct collection of records at clubs and festivals across Europe, Max then established a five-piece live band, bringing his music even closer to the loose, organic feel of the records he so cherishes.
He’ll be bringing that collection of records with him to the farm, and we can’t wait to hear what he’s got to serve up.