28th & 29th JULY 2017, BRUTON, SOMERSET, UK

Goan Dogs: Farmfest Essentials


So this will be the 4th year in a row that we’ve played Farmfest, and our first on the main stage! Worth celebrating right? So we thought we’d put together a little playlist of tunes from artists that we can’t wait to see this year – and of artists that we have totally loved in years gone by.

Roots playing this year is a bit of a bucket list tick someone we’ve loved for years but never had the opportunity to see in the flesh. Really he’s one of the most recognisable voices in UK Hip Hop and to have the chance to catch him with a live band on main stage to seriously exciting.

Now we have seen Dele Sosimi (and his) Afrobeat Orchestra a lot over the last few years – he has been prolific around London and Bristol and his live shows are usually a 2 hour dance marathon. Can’t wait.

We then drop a Cousin Kula banger (Bristol represent and an insanely good live band, don’t miss them on Saturday) before the first of two Melt Yourself Down tunes. If you asked any one of us what our favourite all time Farmfest act is – we would all without hesitation say Melt Yourself Down. Their headline set in 2014 was… amazing. They just make the coolest sound and play like bad asses and it’s just one of the best live experiences you can have.
We then have a Talking Heads tune (because Talking Heads), Bite the Buffalo (because those two know how to kick it off), and Young Fathers (because of an amazing headline set last year). Now Idles are killing it right now, and last year they headlined The Sett – it was dope, a masterclass in controlled aggression and performing while pissed. Impressive stuff.

We also stumbled upon a band called Peluché last year whilst wandering around on a very sunny Saturday afternoon. It was a perfect sound track to a hazy lazy day and a great example of the kind of discoveries you can make while at Farmfest. We follow that with someone I personally can’t wait to stumble upon this year, GUTS. There’s always decent hip hop somewhere at the festival and we’ve included a banger from DJ Format and Abdominal that sent me back 10 years when I saw them in The Big Blue in 2016. We then drop a song from This Is The Kit who we are equally as hyped to see.
BC Camplight plays this year and we have him, then C Duncan (played a couple of years back before his Mercury Prize nomination) to bring out those mellow 60’s psyche vibes. This is followed by two acts we loved from last time out, Pete Josef and GoGo Penguin – both making equally as lovely piano noises. Errors and Flamingods have both played too and they make very different but equally as amazing and interesting music. Errors for their calypso infused electro pop, and Flamingods for some other worldly multi-instrumental jams.

We wrap up the playlist with a Shobaleader One tune. I think it’s fair to say none of us know too much about them – I saw Squarepusher quite a few years ago, but it’s a little hazy in my mind (alcohol induced memory loss) – but it looks like an insane live show and going by the few tunes we’ve heard we are in for a treat. The main stage is an amazing spot, it’s at the bottom of a hill and you can be guaranteed a good view of the band, which will be especially excellent for Shobaleader One – they have some insane looking lights on their heads!
Oh, and of course a Goan Dogs tune. We’re playing Friday and can’t wait to set your weekend off with a dance. And we’ll be staying all weekend, as always, to find the next artists to fall in love with – come say hi