28th & 29th JULY 2017, BRUTON, SOMERSET, UK

Fun & Frolics



With a whole plethora of new games and goodies alongside much-loved classics, you can get stuck right into the veritable feast of brilliant ideas and fun filled fruitiness that you’ll find dotted all round the farm.




Join forces and explore the creative world of gaming as you enjoy multi-player arcade games made by small developers from around the world.
The Cardboard Arcade is a suite of arcade machines made out of cardboard, but inside each is a computer, a monitor and a wonderful game!
The arcade started as a side project to a comedy/circus show that was heavily inspired by gaming. The project producer is Michael Bell, who operates under the umbrella of his arts company, Unstable King. The idea stems from a love of local multi-player computer games and the playful spaces they create.
Unstable King





The Brystal Maze is a game full of teamwork, trickery and tomfoolery. Knee-deep in nonsense and with a glittery twinkle, teams race against the clock to complete the Brystal Maze. Each team of friends has to crack the clues to win the coveted Brystals that will get them to the next zone and next challenge. On top of bagging those sparkling balls, the in-between-zone challenges rack-up extra points with the aim of topping the leader board.

“Fix-up, look sharp and tick-tock: the Maze awaits!”


Brystal Maze




Drag Queen Bingo is a raucous combination of to-die-for glamour, sparkling performances, hilarious game shows and, of course, the classic game of bingo. Funny, fierce and fabulous, this show is hosted by drag queens and kings who have talents in many surprising and mind-bending areas. With a high voltage disco soundtrack that is guaranteed to get you up on your feet, you’ll have the opportunity to win prizes beyond your very wildest dreams. Keep those eyes down now!






Yes, it’s back. Of course it’s back! So get your glue guns and sticky tape at the ready, this is one fierce competition and the standard over the years has been nothing short of astounding. Judging will take place at The Green on Saturday afternoon, and if prior preparation ain’t your thing never fear you can always make your hat onsite at one of Abi Kennedy’s hat making workshops, which will be taking place during the festival.

The Hategories:
Best Theme Hat: Love
Best Hat: Adult
Best Hat: Kids
Best Hat: Group
Best Hat in Show (Winners receive a really quite lovely prize!)





Tap, clatter, ping! Follow the patter of typewriter keys to discover Poetry Machine, creator of live poetry for grown-ups and youngsters alike. Bring along a word of your choice and receive a typewritten poem created specially for you in just a few minutes. The poems make beautiful mementos that will transport you back to your weekend at Gilcombe Farm. Last year’s words included glitter-lips, soul train and sausage dog – so let’s see what you can come up with in 2017!





An eight player gaming experience where the audience have to come together to complete simple challenges, with hilarious results. A pop up spectator sport where the feeling of a last minute goal charges the crowd. A smash hit at places such as the V&A and Befest, the fun is designed for gamers and non-gamers of any age.




Flotsam the Fool and his family run team of entertainers is bringing a taste of the circus to Farmfest! Suitable for folk of all ages and abilities, you can try your hand at juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, poi and much more. The friendly and attentive instructors will help make sure everyone can learn a fun new skill.
Flotsam The Fool




Samba is the sound of Brazilian carnival, and samba reggae is a style from the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. It’s a stripped down sound: no bells, no shakers and no whistles – just the raw, hypnotic groove of the drums!
Batala Bristol was founded in 2011 and the group’s performed at numerous local, national and international prestigious events, including: Love Saves the Day, Bristol Harbourside Festival, Bath Carnival, St Pauls Carnival (winning best samba band in 2014!), Notting Hill Carnival and Salvador Carnival in Brazil. Boom! Shaky, shaky Samba!




Ras King Bobo 1’s blend of acrobatics, street dance and circus skills is great fun to watch and even better to take part in. An experienced and qualified acrobatics and dance teacher, Bobo will bring a real sense of fun and encouragement to all his workshops.
Ras King Bobo





Traditional party games with a fruity twist for all ages. Cutting edge duo DJ Fruit and MC Melon will clear your hangover on The Den’s soundsystem on Saturday morning – so you’d be a friggin’ salad to miss out!





Splish, the seafarer, is navigating the festival in her tiny sail boat. If the wind is strong it can carry her along, and if it settles down then she can blow on her little sail and inch forward bit by bit. Passers-by can put a bit of wind in her sail too and join her on the journey. Along the way she’ll tell you her strange tale in a foreign tongue, and hopefully find some fish for dinner. Somewhere between a cartoon and a storybook, Splish’s boat is a feast for the eyes for those who want to watch and a unique interactive experience for those who want to partake in the surreal world of a sailor on dry land.




The Crazy Golf Company brings a truly unique crazy golf experience for the whole family – from the littlest putter swinger to the bigger and notably more competitive! The course is run by on-hand golfing gurus in full costume who are happy to help you around the craziest crazy golf course you have ever seen. With crashing waves and loop-the-loops, wandering flamingos, astroturfed clubhouse and picturesque white picket fencing, from young to old everyone will want to play a round. So grab a putter, ball and scorecard and we’ll see you on The Green.





The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities is a dressing up concept that takes it inspiration from the turn of the 20th Century. You’re invited to be dressed and entertained from the cosiness of the wardrobe-scape and then be photographed, Victoriana style, with mock taxidermy and other unusual artefacts. Along the way you’ll be humoured and amused! Think Victorian Bohemia meets Mr Benn meets Mighty Boosh! All are welcome though children need to be accompanied.

Wardrobe Events





The Dan Swank Foundation is Europe’s finest, most prestigious and ever-so-serious interpretive dance competition. This hour long stage show parodies a high-level touring dance competition and features plenty of audience participation. You’ll be taken on an emotional, physical and spiritual journey and will be called upon to judge the cut-throat competition. Participants who have signed up on the day compete in solo, duo and group rounds, and the show climaxes in an intense final, from which a winner is hailed. The whole arena then explodes into joyous dance!





Fresh back from his year long street theatre tour of Europe, we are delighted to announce that Jackie Clementines will be bringing his new show ‘fool bodied’ to perform at the farm this year. A rambunctious, ridiculous mix of juggling, acrobatics and, well, danger! Are those real eggs? What about the swords? There really is no easy way to find out…

Jackie Clementines





Bristol-based artist Dorcas Casey brings her animal-headed folk costume sculptures to life for this mysterious walkabout. You’ll stumble across these otherworldly creatures drifting around the site. Dorcas grew up in Glastonbury and works as a sculptor from her studio in Stokes Croft. She recently exhibited her work at Banksy’s Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare, was selected for the Columbia Threadneedle prize exhibition, and this summer has been chosen for the MUSE: Makers in Museums project to be artist in residence at Bruton Museum.
Beasts of the Uncanny has been performed at Glastonbury Festival, End of of the Road and exhibited at The World Transformed in Liverpool.