28th & 29th JULY 2017, BRUTON, SOMERSET, UK

Farmfest to take a break in 2018…

After 12 consecutive years of glorious farm based fun, we have decided to take a year off in 2018.
After a full 12 years of passionate persistence, ingenuity and endeavour, drinking, dancing, laughing, larking, hedonism and hard graft – entirely off our own backs without any major sponsors or funding – we’re now on our way to our 3rd successive sellout.
Starting out in 2006 as fresh faced 20 somethings, we have become seasoned festival organisers, complete with the widening responsibilities that life brings. In the past year alone 4 new babies have joined the Farmfest team – bringing the mini folk count up to 8 – with imminent weddings and relocations on the horizon. Having poured our hearts and souls into the project and balancing it with our day jobs, it’s time to take a break, reflect and recharge, before coming back with a BANG in 2019!
We can’t thank all of our devoted attendees, families, friends, extended family, volunteers, artists and acquaintances enough for what has been a life changing journey so far. We obviously wouldn’t, and couldn’t do it without you! Please stick with us whilst we take this well earned break… before returning for the all singing, all dancing, Farmfest 2019!
Artist, trader and other applications for Farmfest 2019 will open again in summer 2018, keep an eye out for announcements on all of our social platforms.

The Farmfest Team