26th - 28th JULY 2019, BRUTON, SOMERSET, UK



Carefully crafted into one of the most unique and inclusive small-scale gatherings in the UK, Farmfest is a bubbling blend of unfettered festival frolics and humming party vigour. Where music and people set the tempo and the curious venture.

Set to a sumptuous Somerset backdrop, our pocket-sized field builds a swirling musical orchestra with performances from some of the finest emerging and established left-of-mainstream artists, operating within the realms of electronic, indie, folk and world, but where genre meets no border.

From early morning workouts to little ones’ workshops, brilliantly blended beats to riotous jumbles of jazz and brass-based bonanzas, comedy and poetry – or just a touch of the people’s spirited madness. Come find your groove. For in this field of fervour, freedom surrounds us.


And as the temperature falls, ours keeps on rising. With an atmosphere that’s slowly but surely been stirring, you’ll find the people and party, positive and purring.

This is for the time out we all seek, set at a price that’s to help and not hinder.


So kick back, cut loose – and come play.


12 years of festival frolics: read more about our story…