Inspired by a love of culture and our Somerset surroundings, Farmfest emerged twelve years ago from a close group of friends that wanted to celebrate two of the very best things life has to offer – music and friendship. So we set about organising a party in a field. With a brash blend of live music, DJs, and a cracking atmosphere at heart, the first Farmfest was peppered with all manner of regional musical delights.

And each year since, as the festival’s evolved, it’s been carefully reshaped because what was true then remains central to what makes the festival special today. Now we aim to create the most vibrant and inclusive small festival and party experience in the UK. And to do that means more than just the acts we book.

It means a setting that’s not only beautiful but one focused on the fun times and making everyone’s life easy. It means giving back to our world, not taking from it, being as sustainable as we can, and making Farmfest the best value possible for those that venture with us each year.

Family and friends have joined us at every step along the way – through the tragedy of losing one of our dear friends and founding team members, Gavin, in 2011 – to the highs of the past three sellout years. They’ve helped us to dream up, source, build and repurpose most of the physical and artistic world that makes up Farmfest. We strive to reuse as much as we can and we source consciously and locally as we evolve. It all helps keep our costs, our footprint and ticket prices down.

But giving back also means more than just a good footprint and a good party. Donating to charities close to our hearts is a vital part of the festival’s ethos and we have proudly worked with Party for the People, raising over £5,000 for charities together each year.

These days our field’s home to seven music venues, all with something a little different to share, plus a host of other absorbing spaces and delights offering anything from comedy to kiddies’ discos, chilltime workshops to theatrical wig-outs. And while we place no restrictions on musicians’ and mischief-makers’ crafts, today Farmfest operates with a crowd consciously capped at 5,000, helping us preserve and harness the unique energy and involvement enjoyed by its people and performers.

As we always have, we continue to trust in our instincts and artistic community to help us build a festival experience unlike any other. One that brings everyone together. And for the very same reasons it did all those years ago.


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